How can I start earning “free” bitcoin?

How You can start earn free bitcoin?

Few basic things for the start :

PC or Phone (Pc better easier to use to collect free bitcoin…

Internet connection and Time to do it

After this first important thing you need a personal crypto wallet where you can store your bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and receive or send to anywhere. 

Two types of wallet you need actually.

First step you need a personal crypto wallet.

This crypto wallet will be your main crypto wallet and adress

I tried many different wallets, but my favorite it’s a coinbase because always safety which is the most important thing another viewpoint the fees which are the lowest in coinbase also they are accepting and support several types of cryptocurrencies.


The second Wallet what you need it’s a FaucetPay Micro wallet and earning Platform.

This wallet actually for micropayments because many free earning sites connected to this platform and now it’s the most popular micro wallet.

If you registering on FaucetPay you will be able to receive instant cryptocurrency payments from thousands of websites and withdraw it to your wallet for a very low fee.


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