Litecoinads Review

TOP High paying Litecoin earning site in 2020

Litecoinads it’s the easiest way to earn Litecoins. The site has many functions where we can grab some Lithoshi coins.

LTC earning methods:

PTC (paid to click)

Easy surf ads in Non Active windows ( you don’t need to focus on the ads)

PTC click earnings

basic user: 675 Litoshi/view

active user: 1300 Litoshi/view

premium user: 5250 Litoshi/view

Short Claim (Shortlinks)

Complete Easy Shortlinks from 400- Litoshi


Hourly faucet claim Rewards from min 820 Lithoshi but you can roll up to 1Million Lithoshi.

Paid to View

Paid to View similar like PTC-s we need to visit “AsiaMag – What’s up…” fallow 4 easy steps with your section ID and earn 2000 Lithoshi each time when you completing.


Complete captchas and get the reward unlimited captcha to claim each claim 150 Litoshi.

Traffic Exchange

The exchange of traffic is a tool to exchange traffic between users, being able to recommend sites or even your website to other users to register or to see it,
The money you earn in this section only be used to advertise in the traffic exchange, it can not be withdrawn or converted is only for change site links or referral links.


Complete jobs quizes and surveys for big LTC rewards

Watch Videos and get paid +

YouTube Videos section(NEW)


Traffic Grid

With the traffic grid system you can get rented referrals for 30 days completely free or charge LTC on your ballance.
Try your luck and get referrals or LTC prices it’s free!


You can upgrade your membership to premium or active user and you can earn more LTC. You can earn more alone you don’t need referrals to cover the membership is cheap and profitable. 

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