I created this blog to give you a hand in this looks chaotic free bitcoin world ...

Welcome to my blog !

my name is Levente
nickname usually kovalev

Welcome to my blog !

This is my short story about “free” bitcoin earning.

I started my “free project ” around 10 months ago with 0$. 

Saw many earning sites around the web and peoples posting a nice batch of bitcoin payouts. Also users with tons of referrals and huge commissions…

Online earning from bitcoin or crypto sounds cool! Everyone wanna be a part of this! Because it’s something new and interesting.

That was in my mind when I started clicking hard on these type of sites. 

It’s wasn’t easy!

I’m started with no help with no experience like a brand new people in the crypto world and I have no idea how things going on…

Registered tons of free sites to found the best promising ways to get bitcoin. In my last 7 months, I did more than 500 account registration on free earning sites and here in this blog, I would like to share with you my positive experience.

Why I say positive? 

Because many site try to scam peoples I also got scammed and waste time with fake earning sites …

But the positive things:

The trusted sites are good ways to earn and make some passive bitcoin income or other cryptocurrencies. 

My passive income around +1000$ monthly now, from my best sites list, and I near reach the 50000 referral user.

If you need help to figure out which sites and ways are the best, trusted, and profitable you are in the best blog.

I’m sharing my experience and my best tips and tricks about “free” bitcoin earning sites. 

More info about faucets, PTC, Shortlink, Offers, Referrals…

coming soon…